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Dear Fellow Business Builder,

Imagine this…

It’s just after midnight. You’re home alone, curled up with a good book in bed. And suddenly you hear the glass in the living room window breaking – then the careful footsteps of someone walking over the glass.

Gulp: An intruder is working his way into your home – this can’t end well.

Your heart races as you reach for your phone to dial 911.

Except your phone is dead.

No, it’s not a low battery. No, it’s not poor reception. The problem is that your phone service is completely gone.

That’s when you remember that you forgot to pay for your phone bill this month. And when you stop paying your phone bill, you stop receiving the benefits of phone service.

Doesn’t matter if an intruder is 10 short steps away from reaching you – that phone won’t come back on unless you pay the bill.

OK, so your web business isn’t exactly a life and death situation like this. However, paid advertising for works just the same way:

The minute you stop coughing up the cash
is the minute the traffic comes to a grinding halt…

Doesn’t matter what the reason is, because the end result is all the same:

• Entered the wrong credit card number? No traffic.

• Technical glitch? No traffic.

• Just don’t have the money to pay the traffic bill? No traffic.

If you have the deep pockets of a billionaire like Bill Gates, then cash flow isn’t a problem. You could buy expensive traffic all day long and still have money left over to buy a Lear jet.

But you’re not Bill Gates. You don’t have a bottomless advertising budget. And so you need…

Free Targeted Traffic That’s
Easy to Get and Converts Like Crazy!

Guess what?

This type of traffic isn’t just a fantasy – it really DOES exist!

Need proof? Take a look at the huge guru product launches. Not a single prospect comes to those launches through paid advertising. Not one. And yet prospects whip themselves into a rabid frenzy and pull their wallets out to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Big conversions. Big profits. And it all comes from free traffic.

You can see why so many others rave about and use free traffic…

10 Reasons Why Even the Biggest Marketers in Your Niche Use Free Traffic Strategies – and Why You Should Too…

I can summarize it in three words: Free traffic works. And here are 10 other reasons…

1. Gives your wallet a break – no more blowing through your advertising budget or trying to convert expensive traffic!

2. Works great in ANY niche – from hobbies to online marketing to hair care to health sites – and everything in between!

3. Use these strategies to bring loads of traffic to your site – works great for ebooks, workshops, coaching, services and physical goods!

4. Tap these strategies for ANY business model, including affiliate marketing, selling your own products, selling services, flipping websites and more!

5. Enjoy high conversion rates – some of these strategies create the kind of rabid customers that no amount of money could buy!

6. Establish yourself as a niche authority – it’s easy when you use these strategies to blanket the niche with your name and content!

7. Set it and forget it… these strategies keep working so that you don’t have to!

8. Focus on the long term – you’ll enjoy free traffic that keeps on coming for weeks, months or even years from now!

9. Level the playing field – these free traffic strategies let you compete with the “big dogs” in your niche!

10. Get more traffic, subscribers, sales, customers and cash using these free methods for bringing in red-hot traffic!


Did you know that some of the biggest, richest companies in the world use free traffic strategies too? I’m talking about companies like:

• Amazon.com – these guys are all about their affiliate program!

• McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell – have you seen the joint ventures these folks do with the movie studios? If not, just check your drink cup the next time you go in!

• Facebook.com – pure viral marketing at its best!

I could go on and on, telling you all about huge companies around the world that use free traffic day in and day out to flood their websites with traffic and fill their coffers with cash.

Point is,

If free traffic works like gangbusters for the biggest and most successful companies in the world, then just imagine what it can do for YOU!

Introducing How to Get Free Traffic™ – a package of eight meaty traffic guides in one jam-packed course that you can use to get more backlinks, more traffic, more subscribers, more customers and more cash!

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll get instant access to when you claim your package today…

Guide #1:
How to Get Free Traffic
With G.U.E.S.T. Blog Posts

Imagine YOUR blog articles posted on all the top blogs in your niche. Just imagine how many free backlinks, visitors, subscribers and sales you’d enjoy. All this and more is possible when you use my G.U.E.S.T. Blogger system! Take a look:

You’ll discover 10 surefire ways to quickly uncover dozens if not hundreds of blogs in your niche – now just imagine your articles appearing on all of them!

• You’ll get 10 juicy pieces of “bait” you can offer niche bloggers to get them to eagerly publish your articles on their blogs!

You’ll learn five ways to break through the usual noise, walls and gatekeepers so that you can reach your niche’s top bloggers!

• The #1 way to get nearly all your partners to say yes – it’s easier than you think!

You’ll get a JV proposal template you can swipe and use – this is so easy you can start sending out your emails today!

• Discover these 10 surprisingly effective tactics for turning your guest-article byline into a traffic magnet!

You’ll learn a clever way to get more people clicking through to your site – this one is a little sneaky!

• Need article ideas? No problem – you’ll get my quick and easy system for choosing HOT topics that create swarms of eager readers!

You’ll find out how to create curiosity-arousing article titles that practically force people to read your articles!

• The secrets of creating articles get readers hanging on your every word – and clicking on your every link!

Guide #2:
How to Get Free Traffic
With Ezine Articles

If you think the key to making money with articles is to submit them to article directories, then you’re in for a shockingly PROFITABLE surprise! You’re about to discover 27 little-known ways to get plenty of traffic, backlinks, subscribers and sales with your articles, including:

Need more subscribers? You’ll find out how to turn your articles into lead-generating magnets!

• A simple trick to use your articles to create a huge viral buzz in your niche – you’ll be surprised at just how well this works!

You’ll learn how to turn your existing articles into paid products – quick profits for very little work!

• A clever trick for making money with your articles both on the front and backend!

You’ll find out the secrets of wringing the most profit out of every article you create!

• You, a niche expert? A guru? That’s right, and you’ll find how to use your articles to become one of the “big dogs” in your niche!

Let your articles deliver all the backlinks, Page Rank and Google traffic you need using these slick strategies!

• You’ll gain instant authority when you use these two tactics for getting your articles published offline!

You’ll discover a startlingly simple way to use your articles to bring in hundreds or even thousands of dollars at offline events – no kidding!

• How to get newsletter publishers to reprint your articles for their highly responsive audiences!

Guide #3:
How to Get Free Traffic
With Self-Liquidating Offers

Here’s an amazingly simple strategy for selling short reports on the front end, building a huge buyer’s list and then getting rich on the backend with new list of hungry customers. Check it out:

You’ll find out how to get your customers eagerly clicking on your offers so that you can pile up the profits on the backend!

Three quick and easy ways to create the report -- you don’t have to lift a finger if you don’t want to!

Use these 10 title templates to create instant desire for your product – try ‘em for yourself and see!

• You’ll find out the “sweet spot” for pricing – a no-brainer price that gets your prospects lining up eagerly to buy!

Four simple steps for getting instant, high-response traffic that you can convert into eager buyers!

• You’ll find out what you ought to know about writing a profit-pulling sales letter – it’s easy with my templates and examples!

A simple tool you can use to boost your conversion rate and make more money!

• How to find high-converting, in-demand offers to drop in front of your existing customers to turn them into loyal, repeat buyers!

Get your profitable offers in front of your customers using these six surefire entry points!

• The secrets of choosing an in-demand report topic that flies off your virtual shelves!

Guide #4:
How to Get Free Traffic
With Rebrandable Reports

Hate selling stuff? Then you’ll LOVE this report, because it shows you how to make money by giving away free reports – no kidding! Check it out:

No niche yet? No problem. You’ll discover two simple steps to uncovering dozens of profitable, fun niches!

• You’ll find out how to outline, research and write this short little report fast – even if you don’t consider yourself much of a writer!

… Or you can get someone else to do all the work while you take all the credit – talk about EASY!

• Simple tricks for creating reports that impress the heck out of your readers – you can bet these satisfied customers will become rabid repeat buyers!

Learn how the marketing masters use these tiny reports to build massive mailing lists – and how you can too!

• How to find people who’ll eagerly promote your report for you – for FREE!

Discover the secrets of launching your report with partners to make a huge, viral splash in your niche!

• You’ll get a complete set of email templates you can use to land partners and create your product launch – no thinking and no work required!

You’ll find out how to ignite the viral effect by putting your report in the hands of the people who’ll buzz and RAVE about your report!

• Need more traffic? Just use these 11 surefire ways to get all the targeted eyeballs you need in front of your offer!

Guide #5:
How To Get Free Traffic
With Product Launches

Now you can be like the gurus who create a huge buzz, an astounding flood of traffic and eye-popping profits with every product launch! Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn inside this exciting report:

How to find all the launch partners you need – I’m talking the best-of-the-best marketers in your niche, all promoting YOUR product!

Warning: Don’t let a shady partner drag your name through the mud – it happens more often than you think but you’ll find out how to avoid it!

10 ways to get the big marketers in your niche to notice you – they’ll be so impressed they’ll approach YOU for a JV!

• How to impress the “big gun” JV partners in your market… even if you’re a virtual no-name newbie!

10 enticing benefits you can dangle in front of your marketing partners to get them begging to join your launch!

• Tongue tied? Don’t know what to say? No problem – just swipe my surefire email proposal to land all the partners you need!

Discover the secrets of getting everyone in your niche talking about your launch – it’s exciting when all anyone wants to talk about is you!

• You’ll learn an outrageously easy way to get your niche’s most respected members to BRAG about your products and tell all their friends!

How to build prelaunch anticipation that’s more explosive than a can of shaken soda – just wait until you unleash those pent-up buyers on your sales page!

• How to create a big, responsive list of eager prospects – PLUS you’ll get a full set of prelaunch email templates you can use to cash in on this list!

Avoid the post-launch fizz out! How to make sure the money keeps coming in long after the launch is over…

Guide #6:
How to Get Free Traffic
With Free Videos

Just as the title says – how to create a flood of free traffic by leveraging your niche’s craving for video content! Check it out:

Stumped about what kind of video to create? No problem, once you discover these 10 hot video ideas!

• Discover the secrets of creating a controversial video that ignites a viral storm!

Ka-ching: How to create a promo video that gets your viewers scrambling for the order button!

• You’ll discover a super sneaky way to sell a product – your prospects won’t know what hit them!

You’ll get a list of the tools and equipment you need to create your own video (this list is shorter than you think)!

• How to script and plan your video like a polished pro!

Don’t even think of uploading a video until you discover these three ways to get more views on YouTube!

• Make sure your video shows up in every corner of your niche by using these 11 tactics for getting massive exposure!

Need even more exposure? You’ll find out how to get joint venture partners to eagerly promote your video – for FREE!

• You’ll discover how to set up a blog in just five minutes – because if you’re not blogging about your video, you’re leaving cash on the table!

You’ll find out how to use niche communities like forum and Facebook to spread your video across the net!

Guide #7:
How To Get Free Traffic
With Powerpoint Videocasts

Here’s another exciting way to harness the power of videos – without putting your face in front of a camera! Here’s a sneak peek:

How to choose a topic that will excite your prospects and put them in a buying mood!

• Ready for backend profits? It starts with these secrets of picking an in-demand product to promote during your videocast!

How to get your videocast viewers chomping at the bit and ready to buy everything you recommend!

Two powerful ways to create a sense of urgency so your viewers buy NOW!

How to quickly and easily create your video – no fancy tech skills, knowledge or experience required!

• Don’t have PowerPoint to create your videocast? No problem – you’ll find out where to get all the software you need for free!

How to create an impressive video that keeps your viewers glued to their screens!

• You’ll get a sales letter template that’s sure to persuade even the most cynical browser to join your list and watch your video!

You’ll discover a shockingly easy way to boost your video views and sales – and it just takes a few minutes!

• You’ll get a huge rush of subscribers and backend profits once you use this system for finding and recruiting launch partners!

Guide #8:
How to Get Free Traffic
With Master Resell Rights

Stop selling your book for chump change – sell it for more money upfront AND get tons more eyeballs in front of your offers using this slick strategy! Take a look:

Warning – choose the wrong niche and your viral effect will fizzle. I’ll show you how to pick a hot niche that ignites the viral effect!

• How to pick an in-demand topic that will get your book flying off the shelves!

Four simple steps to picking the right offer to promote from within your product – get this right and you’ll enjoy a big, passive income stream for years to come!

• Three ways to promote your offer from within your book. Warning: do this wrong and your conversion rate will sink like a lead balloon!

How to quickly and easily create your product – even if you’re not a writer!

• Stuck for ideas? No problem: You’ll get a surefire way to know exactly what topics and tips to include in your book!

Feeling overwhelmed? You won’t be after you apply this surprisingly simple psychological trick – now writing a book is a breeze!

• How to create an eye-catching title that practically sells the book for you!

You’ll discover the push-button easy to create a powerfully effective sales letter using my samples and templates!

9 ways to advertise your package – including how to get the gurus in your niche to promote it for you, for free!

This is just the tip of the iceberg in this monster "everything is included" comprehensive free traffic course.

You'll get a whopping 263 pages
of pure step-by-step content!

By the time you finish reading these eight traffic guides, you’ll finally know how to…

Grow your business quickly and easily
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These are the SAME strategies the “Big Dogs” in your niche use every day to get ahead – and now you can too!

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You'll spend just $12.13 per guide when
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And even though I’m offering you an amazing bargain, I’m going to sweeten the pot with a few more goodies…

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Bonus #1:
Free Traffic Through Facebook

Order now and you’ll get my 3-step simple system for getting FREE traffic from the world’s number one traffic site! Just look at what’s included inside this” beginner friendly” guide:

4 simple action steps for getting everything setup quickly and easily.

• 6 surprisingly effective ways to persuade your friends and fans to click thru to your site.

Another 6 ways to make every post a winner ... not just what KIND of information to share, but also what WORDS to use for best results.

• 5 techniques for driving a lot of traffic to your page no matter what “niche” you are in.

Bonus #2:
How to Make More Money
From Your Free Traffic

You’re about to get more traffic than you ever thought you’d see – now don’t let this traffic go to waste! Inside this guide you’ll discover seven ways to make more money from every visitor, including:

A simple tweak to turn more visitors into buyers.

• The secrets of getting each customer to spend more money with you.

How to turn your download page into a profit center.

• How to turn existing customers into repeat buyers – effortlessly.

And more – order now and this guide is yours instantly!

Bonus #3:
How to Get Free Traffic
Through Webinars

Everyone is cashing in with webinars – and now you can too! Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll discover:

How to set up your first webinar fast – even if you don’t have a technical bone in your body.

• How to create a polished, exciting presentation, either alone or with guest speakers.

How to fill your webinar’s virtual “seats” using my top promotional tactics.

• Plus you’ll find out how to make money before the webinar even starts – this is one sweet profit trick!

Best of all, there’s no experience required – this guide tells you everything you need to run your first successful webinar!

Bonus #4:
How to Write Ezine Articles
that Get Traffic

I’d guess that just 10% of article writers have mastered these secrets for creating effective articles. Now these secrets are yours, including:

5 criteria for creating article titles that get results.

• A simple 7 step writing system that keeps your readers hanging on your every word.

My secret “Final Point Formula” that turns your content into a cash machine. (Warning: Your articles are worthless until you apply this formula!)

Bonus #5:
The Internet Marketer’s
Weekly R.O.U.T.I.N.E.

Being an internet marketer doesn’t come up with an instruction guide – until now! No more wasting half the day wondering what you’re supposed to be doing.

No more spinning your wheels on useless tasks. Because inside this guide you’ll get my seven-day R.O.U.T.I.N.E. you can use to save time and grow your business!

Bottom line – this is an incredible value.

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